A Big Apple Bites


In addition to a vast number of plain old American luncheonettes, bars and steak houses that still serve old-fashioned American’ food, all five of New York City’s boroughs have a surprisingly wide range of ethnic restaurants and markets. Little Italy in the Lower East Side, for example, is today more a tourist destination than anything else. The real Italian neighbourhood where real Italians live is on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Little Italy, however, does remind you of The Godfather, with checked-tablecloth-and-Chianti-bottle trattorias (Italian-style eating establishments) and roadside stalls selling cannons (ricotta-filled pastry horns). The New York pizza, a much fatter, more dense version of the original from Naples, is still available at Lombardi’s Pizza in Spring Street. You won’t be able to get through more than a slice of this gigantic Italian-American offering.

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