Food for me is an experience I love to share...

Food is a passion

Food for me is a passion I would love to share…an ongoing journey which began in Paris (where else!) as a student who had the fortune to live in a household that consumed Krug by the case.

Tryst turned profession

A tryst at the three star Michelin Lucas Carton in Paris, fine tuned the passion and turned it into a profession.

Chic eating in India

From the trend setting restaurant, The Salad Bar to a small chain of Delis and then catering to the city’s elite, Bombay received its first taste of European casual chic eating.

My work thus far

My passion for food also finds expression in my food columns which often takes me into kitchens and restaurants all over the world. 15 books and three cookery shows later, not to mention the hours of research work, I can honestly say it has been a journey of fulfillment, glamour and grit.